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Farmily Energizer to Polytape Connector Wire for Electric Fence Installation

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Farmily Energizer to Polytape Connector
  • To connect between energizer and polytape
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 30 inch of insulated wire cable
  • Ideal connector to transfer the voltage from the energizer to polytape


1. Lead length:30 inch (75cm)
2. Color: Silver
3. Quantity: 1 pc polytape connector with M8 eyelet
4. Dimension:2.8"x1"
5. Weight:0.17lb

Product Feature:

Used to connect the polytape to the energizer, sturdy and durable
The flat surface provides great contact for the internal wires of the polytape.Can also be used with polywires and gate intersections.
This device is used to aid in energizer power transfer from the energizer to polyrope.

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